Yes We Cannabis!

“Prescription medications can provide enormous health and quality-of-life benefits to patients. However, we all now recognize that these drugs can be just as dangerous and deadly as illicit substances when misused or abused.”

If this sounds like the kind of evasive string of bullshit some pharmaceutical hack gives to Congress when called to testify on the current prescription drug epidemic, that’s because it is.

Gil Kerlikowske, President Obama’s ‘Drug Czar,’ said this to Congress back in March, presumably because when it comes to the truth about the very real plague of prescribed medication addiction sweeping the nation, the Government can not help but to be completely full of shit.

We all now recognize”? Motherfucker, please, as if the world had never heard of Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Heath Ledger or Elvis.

Can be just as dangerous?” Makes you wonder what reality this guy lives in, until you realize that this is the United States, Twenty-Twelve. Without the sticky, sugary lies, this whole fucking thing we call ‘Number-One!’ would fall apart like a house of giant playing cards built by a sausage-fingered dwarf standing on a kitchen chair in a wind tunnel.

The Administration must be fully aware that 25,000 people die from opioid-based prescription drug overdoses each year, with the number rising fast, right? Being an intelligent man, Barack Obama can read theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention’s report showing where that is three times as many deaths than from cocaine abuse (there’s a chart). Shit, looking at the data, it would be hard not to notice that six times as many people drop dead from pharmacy smack as do from street smack!

Well, I suppose that since there is just absolutely no alternative to the mountain of tiny pills burying America beneath a mountain of empty Oxycodone bottles, a few little white lies from those wonderful leaders up above is no big deal.

Nothing else we can do except to pretend things aren’t so bad. After all, this wave of “enormous health and quality of life benefits” rises from the prescription pads of doctors. All professionals adhering to a strict code, laid down thousands of years ago to protect those under their care, just like priests! And doctors’ morals can never, ever be adversely influenced by pharmaceutical companies or the massive financial incentive to dispense a hot new pill, akin to the way strangers hand out candy in the local park after the streetlights go on. Some of these people came from the best Ivy League fraternities, for fuck’s sake.

So just Carry On and Hope for the best, everyone. All is well.

But, What If…what IF we were able to slide behind the white piano for a few moments and Imagine…


Imagine if the Earth produced a natural remedy for relief from nausea, pain and stress, just grew it right the fuck out of the ground; a ‘magic bean’ of sorts, that shall blossom no matter where you bury it. Magic beans that require no toxic pesticides to run-off into our drinking water and can regenerate themselves every three to six months after harvest…

A blessed herb that is not only edible raw or ground into flour, but contains every nutrient essential for life. A completely organic solution that is also oil and alcohol soluble, making it easy to prepare in any food or administered as a liquid for rapid effect; miracle matter that can even be heated into smokeless vapor and inhaled without sucking on the malignant burn of smoldering EZ-Wider’s.

And instead of merely alleviating the effects of chronic disease, what if it prevented illness as well?

No shit, what if it not only didn’t it cause cancer, but fought cancer off…prevented multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and long term memory loss…calmed autism, ADHD and eased the pain of AIDS or Crohn’s disease…boosted immune function while boasting among the highest content of protein and vitamins in nature? What if it was so important to human growth, mammary glands produced the same components during neonatal feeding?

Something studies might show that users of this impossible product arethinner, more productive and likely to be more intelligent than non-imbibers? I mean, we’re just talking pure imagination here, right?

Right, so let us push this a little further. Let’s say the major side effects of this fragrant little plant were a deep thoughtfulness and unbound creativity. The kind of thing Shakespeare might use to write The Tempest. What do you think might be the result if, instead of a billion doses of pill-form heroin, this enormous creative surge was released to the public?

Might it be that people would soon realize, besides all the essential health bonuses, the super plant’s unused stems and leaves could be recycled in a number of important ways? How about as a building material many times more reliable than concrete, or, as a major renewable basis for clothing and paper, can help dam the suicidal wave of deforestation choking this planet? Could applying 21st century technology and mass production methods to the stalk of this simple plant help solve both the energy and jobs crisis’s…creating fuel for cars, materials to build the future infrastructure, employment for all in green agricultural initiatives that exhaust only a soft, mellow cloud during lunch hour?

America would hold a manufacturing trump card right under its’ sleeve, afraid to play it only due to a comfortable, if regularly disastrous, history with Puritanism.

Wading so long into the deep end of consciousness, people may begin to perceive the invisible prisons that enslave us all and start to wonder about the accepted structures of this world. Perhaps if humanity embraced acting responsibly with the Earth beneath us, finding a balance within our habitat, we would understand the folly of warfare, itself nothing but the trade of endless death for endless profit. An entirely new paradigm through which to view our existence may free the will of billions…Imagine the community we might have.

But wait! There is such an organism, and even way back in ancient China, they called it fucking awesome. I am of course speaking about cannabis.

The magic beans are real and in eight thousand years of spiritual, medicinal and industrial use, have never killed one person. Not a single deadly overdose, ever. In fact, it is medically impossible to consume too much – your body’s ‘overdose’ reaction to weed is laughing it off and taking a nap.

But since this is still the United States, not only is pot Federally illegal, owning it might be the worst crime we have. Depending upon race and income, you might be better off killing someone than getting busted with an ounce of grass.

Why? Because this isn’t just about a plant, this conversation churns up all kinds of things that proper society would rather not talk about, regardless of what it does behind locked suburban doors.

‘War on Drugs’ has been raging for forty years, in case you haven’t heard, and cannabis is public enemy number one. Millions worldwide have been killed or injured in this fight, though Society is the only official casualty. In case you are further unaware, this is not just a metaphorical battle waging off in Central Asia; this is a literal Civil War on a global scale. Waged against minorities, mostly brown ones. The middle class here in America brushes aside any collateral damage by calling the neighborhood a ‘Drug Free School Zone.’

The Drug War functions just like any other: impoverished communities become decimated, under relentless attack from the outside and corrupted to shit from within. The perpetrators live in far away safety, funding all conflicting sides: in this case, the blood’s in Mexico, Colombia and Afghanistan. The Imperials commit the same ‘crimes’ as the masses they are cracking down on back home, but that’s always different. When rich white folks do mountains of cocaine way up on the 80th floor, it’s classy, part of the business. A lone black dude smoking a joint in Times Square will draw six squad cars. Every time.

America already incarcerates more of its’ population than any modern civilization, except Stalin’s Russia. Over 20% behind bars are there for non-violent crimes, with nearly a million people arrested per year for simple pot possession (up since 2008, by the way). Best of all? Now we are starting to privatize the prisons!

Let that sink in for a minute and consider who represents ‘production’ inthat steroid-Capitalist’s gooey wet dream.

Richard Nixon pushed the first domino on this one, so you don’t really need proof as to this plot’s insidiousness. But proof became declassified in 2002, anyway, and Kevin Zeese wrote about it for AlterNet:

“In a recorded conversation on March 21, the day before the Commission released its report, Nixon said, ‘We need, and I use the word ‘all out war,’ on all fronts … we have to attack on all fronts.’ Nixon and his advisors went on to plan a speech about why he opposed marijuana legalization, and proposed that he do ‘a drug thing every week’ during the 1972 presidential election year. Nixon wanted a ‘Goddamn strong statement about marijuana … that just tears the ass out of them.’”

And as H.R. Haldeman notes in ‘The Haldeman Diaries: Inside the Nixon White House’:

“(Nixon) emphasized that you have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks.”

For added prospective, consider that our 37th President once used to epitomize evil in politics. A humanitarian no lesser than Hunter S. Thompson said upon Dick’s death“If the right people had been in charge of Nixon’s funeral, his casket would have been launched into one of those open-sewage canals that empty into the ocean just south of Los Angeles. His body should have been burned in a trash bin.”

Today, Nixonian ethics are pretty much the norm around Capitol Hill, on either side of the aisle.

Now it is easy to see that the ‘Script Plague is far from an accident – it is by design. Dangerous, illicit substances are all well and good, as long as the right people get paid.

That is exactly how the President gets to indoctrinate the acolytes by telling them, straight faced, “medical marihuana has no medicinal value”via Facebook Chat, even though the question of reform is consistently the one most asked. ‘Like’ denied, Barry.

Meanwhile, half a dozen people are dead due to Marinol, Solvay’s THC-based pill derivative. Which also doesn’t work, often causing the same side effects it was well engineered to prevent.

For fuck’s sake, it is long passed time for us to look in the mirror on the question of addiction here in the Land of the Free. We can start by acknowledging that we are all addicts in some way, and help each other avoid those strangers with ‘First Hit Free’ policies. Too many fellow Americans are no longer with us, too many unjustly confined to cages for doing what comes naturally to every single one of us, while harming not one.

Help each other question the motives of a system that reaps billions in profit by treating its’ own epidemic. Think about all of the ancillary corrosion the blatantly racist war on drugs gives to the world…thousands dead in Mexican gang wars, weapons provided by the Department of Justice. The untold millions living under CIA-funded warlords in Central Asia and South America…the collapse of American inner cities, where People have a greater potential to come together and share our best than anywhere else in the country.

Now is the time to decide what kind of society we want. A seismic shift in power is on the horizon; those privy to the proper hash tags already know this. The vibrations are subtle now, but anyone can perceive them at the proper depths. Do we leave this issue, which touches every aspect of our shared lives – economics, justice, education, energy, sustainability, health – to the dirty pimps scumming around Washington nowadays?

We have done that twice before already; no one still honestly thinks that idea will work out for us in the future.

Instead, should we take this responsibility on ourselves, making sure not to re-build this new society above a foundation of profit-driven fear?

Look around…who else do you think is going to unfuck this place up?

The task might be impossible, but success is essential. End the Civil Drug War? Build a better World? Take control of our instincts instead of taking advantage of them? Yes, We Cannabis! 

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